It tells you the right path at any stage of your career journey.

Career Growth

Career growth looks much different today than it did a decade ago. In the past, employees expected their employer to provide all the training and career development they would need to continue to be a valuable contributor to the company. More recently, employees have taken on the responsibility for learning new skills and expertise on their own. Even though companies have professional development programs, individuals must act as their own advocates when setting career goals and growth objectives.

However, not many resources are available to individuals when they plan career growth. In schools & colleges, we have guidance counselors who tell students about the right path for them. But after 5 years into the career, who’s guiding you towards a successful & fulfilling career path? We mostly see what close friends are doing are follow one of those paths. What if we had access to a forever guidance counselor who understands you and that tells you the right path to take at each step of the journey.


It’s a new world that needs new skills. To many, that is an exciting prospect, because it speaks to progress. But the sheer speed, scope, and impact of technological change is also challenging businesses — and society at large — in fundamental ways. One in three jobs is likely to be severely disrupted or to disappear in the next decade because of technological change. Already, there is a skills mismatch on a global scale, and millions of jobs are going unfilled. In many developed economies, and in developing economies, it is not possible to recruit enough skilled people to fill the available jobs.



CareerSkillz attempts to solve both problems. We seek to be your forever guidance counselor & provide career options at any stage of your journey. For your chosen path, we tell you the in-market skills that you need to acquire or update so that you go on to have a successful & fulfilling career. We believe that letting individuals choose their own path and guiding them on the best way to achieve success in their chosen path leads to best outcomes for individuals & society.

Meet our exceptional talented team

We are a passionate duo who believe upskilling is necessary to win the future. We found that limited resources were available for us to guide us in our careers and decided to change it for the better. One of the co-founders has experience starting multiple companies in career domain, helping individuals with finding better jobs & making standout resumes. Other co-founder has experience working in big multi-national corporations in data & products space. Through this experience, we found that internal resources available within corporations are woefully inadequate to meet the demands of an era where learning is constant. Through this effort, we hope to provide confidence to individuals to embrace the future instead of being scared by it.