60% of HR leaders report pressure from the CEO to ensure employees have the skills needed in the future.
69% of HR executives report more pressure from employees to provide development opportunities that will prepare them for future roles.
The number of skills required for a single job is increasing by 10% year over year.
Over 30% of the skills needed three years ago will soon be irrelevant.

Relevant, Fast, Effective Skills Development

Building critical skills and competencies is the number one priority for organizational leaders. Gartner’s 2020 HR survey reports that 68% of HR leaders find current tools are not effective and are looking for new ways to enables employees to learn and apply relevant skills quickly and effectively.

CareerSkillz is a groundbreaking platform that is enabling organizations to do three critical things.

Track skills gaps and trends in real-time

Anticipate changing skill needs not by questionable predictive algorithms but based on real-time data from current market needs. CareerSkillz continuously tracks and analyzes millions of job postings globally to give insight into skills that are in demand and how your organization compares against the market trend.

Create two-way transparency

Enable employees to do their skills assessment, evaluate their strengths and gaps, and explore ways to improve their career paths. Data from employees, market trends, and managers gives organizations a 360-degree view of current skills and gaps, employee interests, and uncovers opportunities to create targeted learning opportunities.

Enable learning instantly

CareerSkillz matches professionals with available courses and learning opportunities based on their specific skill gaps and interests. Every employee gets hyper-personalized strategies to develop new skills at speed. Unlike traditional tactics like classroom training and generic learning modules, CareerSkillz facilitates a better match between employees and their organization to pursue mutually beneficial and flexible skills development

Old ways of predicting skill needs are not truly working and the pace of change is leaving organizations and employees — playing catch-up.

CareerSkillz approach can help you change the game. Let us talk more.

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