13 Great Career Choices for the Future

What do you want to be when you grow up? This is a question that every child across the world is asked and there are various answers that we hear. As we grow up, the thought of what we want to do, what stream we should pursue, and eventually what will be satisfying becomes more confusing. With the world changing at a rapid speed, technology, and industrial disruptions it is indeed difficult to anticipate career choices earlier on in life.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” —Confucius

Career Choices by CareerSkillz

A kid who could be in Grade 6 today, how could they know what would be the best career 6-10 years henceforth? It is not sufficient just thinking about what you are cut out for or answering questions without any idea of considering the future market scenario and manpower requirements. 

What should you be considering as your career options? CareerSkillz has you covered and here are suggestions for some of the best careers for the future and what you need to be mindful of. 

So the good news is that there are a variety of options ranging from Health, Wellness,  Technology, Alternative Energy & Environmental Sciences and last but not least, people who are blessed with an awesome left-brain power – logic, and analytics can surely rejoice. 

Health & Wellness Sector

The recent global pandemic has highlighted the importance of medical and its allied fields. Every country, especially India, has understood the benefit of strengthening the health and overall wellness of the nation. 

Doctors & Health Professionals

You could choose to follow pure Medicine, (MBBS, and follow up with an MD with a specialization), or you could also choose to become a Registered Nurse and this role is so critical to the functioning of the entire health sector. There is always going to be a demand for nurses (both male & female). 

Additionally, there are all the other allied medical professions e.g. dentist, ophthalmologist, physiotherapist, radiologist, etc. With the advancement of robotics and technology in the medical field, these fields offer plenty of alternative career choices too with a high level of specialization. 

Wellness Therapists

Today, more than ever people are realizing the benefits of pursuing alternative medicine courses.  To name a few there are several alternative healing modes such as Yoga, Siddha healing, and Ayurveda as well.  There is an increasing demand not just in the Asian continent but these alternative natural medicine professions have earned the respect of the Western World too. 

Mental Wellness Practitioners

Along with Physical Health and Wellbeing we also need to focus on Mental Wellness with the kind of lifestyle, stress, and complexities we are facing these days, the need for mental health professionals is on the rise, more than ever. There seems to be an overall rising trend in the field of substance abuse, behavioral disorder, and hence the demand for mental health counselors/ psychiatrists is also on an all-time high and this trend seems to be prevalent for many years ahead. 


The animal kingdom and their life is as precious as human life. With the planet being endangered and the necessity of animal husbandry in the agrarian sector and for all the animal lovers who keep pets at home need the services of a Veterinarian (Vet). It is an eye-catching option too in the medical field. If you are an animal lover then there’s no better choice of career! So a Bachelor’s in Science with Bio, Zoology and armed with a DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) you could have a flourishing satisfying career. 

ITES Sector Professions

One just has to look around and notice the presence of information, technology, and the way it is taking over every aspect of our lives. From an online game to e-commerce platforms, shopping online, booking tickets online and today’s education online – technology has impacted our lives with apps, software programs, web platforms, voice technology, and artificial intelligence. A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer applications, or a BTech in Computer Engineering followed by a Masters would be the ideal pre-qualifying criteria. 

Software Developers

One of the hottest professions across the globe and for this, you’re going to need at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field, and several organizations prefer masters. The journey for software professionals does not end with a master’s degree, you would have to keep upgrading your knowledge and skills with the latest language and programming technologies. 

Artificial intelligence Technologists

Robotics & Technotronics has been picking up and with these fields picking up you could get into the exciting field of constructing robots, drones, etc. A highly lucrative career option – Artificial intelligence is dynamic and growing with a wide variety of options, from robotics engineers to natural language processing to artificial intelligence researchers.

Cyber Security Experts

The world is indeed becoming a global village thanks to digital transactions. With the ease of access, connectivity, and increasing data transfer, online activity has its own flip side too. Cybercrimes, virus attacks, ransomware, etc are becoming quite common and hence the need for Cyber Security professionals and White Hat Hackers. With every organization storing large amounts of data, the need to protect this data is critical as every data/security breach could lead to unimaginable financial losses and impact on the brand image as well. 

Data Scientists & Analysts

Big Data and data analysis is one sure-shot career that has picked up steam in the last decade or so. In a dynamic, fiercely competent world today everyone is understanding the need for collating and analyzing data and interpreting it for people to understand. Whether a small, medium, or large-scale business, everyone is relying upon data to carve out a path for their growth plans. Another hot career option and if you have a powerful left brain then this one’s for you! 

Alternative & Sustainability Activators

Sustainability efforts towards the environment and conservation of natural resources to improve the planet’s health has got the attention of everyone in the past decade with global warming and other consequences causing disasters. If you are a science lover, fascinated by the universe and nature and you want to be the Hero saving Planet Earth then there are several avenues open for you. 

Architecture/ Urban planning / Green Energy Consultants

Armed with a B.Arch you could venture out to pursue a Masters in specialized fields such as green energy buildings, smart city planners, urban planning and be a part of the changing landscape in your city or country! 

Alternative Energy Installers/ Engineers

The alternative energy sector is sure to grow fast and offers a wide spectrum of careers. Right from designing, to construction to engineering, installation, and alternative energy research, there is a possibility for each one of you. We have witnessed how from solar energy to wind energy and now green fuel or solar-powered electric cars are becoming the most sought technology. 

Over and above all these there are several skill-based jobs that are also never going to lose their importance and across the globe, these jobs are always going to make a difference to the quality of life. To name a few – carpentry and woodworks, plumbing, and electrical. There are various ways to learn these technical skills by pursuing a technical specialized course after high school or then doing a Masters in Furniture Design, to cite an example. 

CareerSkillz offers ground-level information, tips, and guidance on everything that can make a difference to your career and we all understand how career impacts life. So if you are wondering what to do and how to reach there – think no more and get into action by connecting with us. 

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