Impress Your Interviewer by Asking These 8 Questions.

What’s a Good Question? (questions as a candidate you could ask in an interview? Asking these, either throughout or at the end of your interview, will really impress your interviewer.)

You have just about answered all the questions in an interview and you seem to be approaching the closure to the interview. Up until now, the interviewer has been in the driver’s seat – steering the conversation, asking the questions, and controlling the interview. Towards the end of the interview, you could move into that driving seat wherein you take over and ask a few appropriate questions. 

Impress Your Interviewer

However, when the interviewer presents you with an opportunity to ask questions. . . you go blank or you end up asking a very unimportant question that leaves you with a feeling of having lost that single window moment to create a great impression by asking an intelligent/ smart question. Sounds familiar. . .? Well, don’t fret when you have CareerSkillz to guide you & prepare you well for this moment. 

In our earlier blog, we shared tips that ensure you make the first good impression. Now read on and create not just that first good impression, but a lasting impression! 

Interviews are the first face-to-face initiator of a great association and they are a formal way of breaking the ice between the prospective employer and their future employees. Over and above the skill, technical, and domain knowledge-based questions, interviews are also a great medium to interact, wherein both sides gain insights, achieve clarity and it is an opportunity for you to obtain a better understanding of the organization! 

The first half of the interview requires candidates to be well-poised, reflect great listening skills, and establish your credibility by responding to all the questions appropriately & smartly. Just before closing the interview, you would be asked if you have any questions. 

Most candidates appearing for their first interview feel awkward, embarrassed, or uneasy asking questions and hence, generally end up meekly denying the opportunity by saying, “Nothing really!”.

Instead, this is the moment to capitalize and display your confidence, thought process, your eagerness to know more and let the interviewer know how actively you were involved throughout the process of the interview.

Get on board with CareerSkillz as we take you on an informative journey and give you a list of questions that will impress your interviewers and most definitely leave a positive mark!

1. What does a typical day look like for someone who works in my position? 

Asking this question is merely a way for you to gain further insights into your job role & responsibilities that you are being interviewed for. When you ask this question it will give the interviewer confidence about your keenness towards the job you are vying for and your interest in being able to dispense to the best of your ability & efficiently. Once the interviewer responds to your question, you could always highlight some of the things mentioned which have been dealt with by you before and check off certain tasks displaying your experience in those areas.

2. What are some of the challenges that I might face in the initial few months? 

Many candidates feel that asking a question that talks about challenges or hurdles may send the wrong message. However, if you ask this question it actually gives the interviewers the idea that you are someone who is not shy of challenges and are willing to prepare in every way to overcome them. Also, the answer to this question will help prepare you for everything that is yet to come your way.

3. How can I hone my skills to do my job better? 

It is a given that you are being interviewed for a certain position because you have the required skill set. The other fact is that no matter how skilled you are, there is always scope for improving your skills. Make sure you ask productive and positive questions such as this so that the interviewers understand that you are eager to keep learning and improving your skills. Every employee has a learning curve, and if you are open to learning to improve your skills, well that is just the quality that all employers look for.

4. What makes your most successful employees successful? 

This question will give you clarity on the importance that the organization gives to the growth & development of their employees and what kind of characteristics you need to portray to succeed. Every company has different learning goals and career paths are created in order to ensure growth opportunities. However, you need to have that right aptitude such as agility, flexibility, and willingness to be trained and upskilled.

5. How would you describe the company’s culture?

When you become a part of an organization, you don’t just agree to work with the brand, but also agree to be a part of certain work culture and environment. As a future team member, it is critical that you know what the core values & work culture are so that when you join you don’t have trouble acclimatizing to the new surroundings. Understanding the culture is important because you will not just be a part of it, but also be a contributor to the culture.

6. What are the future goals and expansion plans of the organization and where could you figure it?

One of the most prominent signs of an organization’s success can be seen when you understand its growth plans. Every company has a mission and vision of expansion and growth, and asking this question will give you a clear understanding of how well the company is succeeding and diversifying. This will also give you in-depth know-how of understanding your rate of growth and success because as long as the company is doing well, you will succeed too. 

7. What sort of procedures do you have in place for performance reviews? 

One of the main reasons why people are motivated to work is because they see a chartered growth path with promotions and appraisals based on their performance. Every company has different guidelines and parameters through which they decide this. When you ask this question, you will get a better understanding of how you need to work to be able to meet the KRA (key result areas) and meet the expectations to achieve overall business objectives.

8. If I am hired for this job what would you like me to concentrate on initially? 

This is probably one of the best questions to ask your future employers. When a team member is new there are always certain expectation settings that employers have in mind. One way of starting your new job on the right foot will be to ask and understand exactly what your goals are for the initial few months so you could prioritize & hit the bullseye of success to create a greater impact.

As important it is to answer the questions that an interviewer asks, it is also crucial to ensure that you ask the right questions so that you know what lies ahead of you. CareerSkillz helps get you the right interview calls from the right companies with the right resume, and at the same time, we will prepare you on how to overcome initial teething problems that every graduate may face in their early career life. Follow CareerSkillz and let us help set you on the right trajectory path!