5 Successful Interview Preparation Tips to Crack the Interview Code

CareerSkillz will share a mantra that will help you crack the interview code and get you closer to your career goals with useful interview preparation tips.  

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”  Wayne Gretzky

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Life is full of opportunities and it is so true, the more you prepare and plan for each stage and phase of life, the better your chances are to achieve success! One crucial step-up in life is when students complete their graduation and advance into a professional life to enter the corporate world. Through college life, students prepare vigorously not just to clear the exams, but also to get that critical interview call for their dream job!

interview preparation tips

It’s not an easy task to get shortlisted or even called for an interview, and this is where CareerSkillz comes in. We will go through your profile and based on your skills will arrange interviews in those companies where you will adapt the best. CareerSkillz helps you get the interview call for your dream job by showing you the right set of skills to acquire for a role and providing you with a job match score so you can tailor your resume for the job. You can register at Careerskillz (https://careerskillz.com) to use these tools.

While most people feel that the only crucial element is getting that call for an interview, however, the actual challenge lies in acing that interview with flying colors. So, how does one create the first best impression and walk out of the interview with an immediate YES? Read on…

It’s time to GRASP the concept and get it right the very first time. 

Grooming and Appearance:

Have you walked away regretting not making the first right impression, and you realize you have lost an opportunity? It is said that most of the interviewers decide within the first seven seconds of you walking in, whether or not to recruit you. These days it is quite normal to go dressed in semi-formal attire and wear flip flops because you feel that no one will notice it. Ensure you are not sending the wrong signals. As a prospective candidate, take the time to dress smartly and work on your grooming, or else why would the interviewers take the time to interview you? Make sure you dress smartly in formals, wear the right shoes and carry the right accessories. In the case of female candidates, make sure you don’t overdo the make-up. Just light make-up and a neat hairstyle go a long way! Look Smart – Feel Smart – Present Smart! 

Research the Company:

How much time do you take to read about the company where you want to land your dream job? Chances are that in most cases we feel there is no need to research and read up about the company. Did you know that almost 47% of interviewers revealed that they wouldn’t offer a job to someone who has not understood the company and what it stands for? Before you step in to attend the interview make sure you have read up about the organization, its values, history, and vision. It will give you an added advantage if you are aware of the company’s mission and vision along with any latest news regarding the industry and domain you are being interviewed for. It would be a great idea to find and connect on LinkedIn with a few current or ex-employees of the same organization to gain further insights. You could also start following the organization on social media. 

Articulation of Answers:

It is normal, during your first few interviews, that you feel your nerves getting the best of you? Well, remember your goal and the people interviewing you are also human beings and understand if you’re a new graduate. The way to ace your interview is to stay focussed, listen well, understand the question, take some time to form the answer, and then say it out confidently. Open-ended questions demand a descriptive answer but do not get carried away. Remember what the question was, and ensure you address it in your response. Make a mental note of some achievements, responsibilities taken and delivered in college, competitions participated in – these display character, your enthusiasm, and your strengths. Don’t give answers that are vague and untrue. Believe us, your interviewers have a radar that can catch false facts and you might end up messing things up. It is better to say that you are unaware of the right answer rather than making up stories. 

Show Attentiveness:

We can’t reiterate enough the importance of being alert and attentive. When you are in an interview you will be given sufficient time to answer when you are asked a question, however, it is important to show interest (make sure your body language is correct), and listen in carefully when you are being spoken to, and paraphrase or clarify if not clear. Part of being alert and showing attentiveness will also give the interviewer an understanding that you are on the same page. Ensure you give affirmative verbal and non-verbal signals when the interviewer is taking the time and communicating with you. When the time comes and the interviewer asks you if you have any questions, make sure that you ask the right questions that help them understand how serious and excited you are about this job opportunity. 


Last but not least, make sure you reach the interview venue at least 15 mins before time. Being punctual gives you the chance to reach the venue, check your grooming, tidy yourself in case you have traveled a long distance, and most importantly, it gives you the time to relax and calm your nerves. The few minutes sitting outlets you absorb and get comfortable in the new environment and you are not flustered when you walk in. If you reach late or just at the last minute, you might be worked up, running short of breath and that will impact your performance

It is not a challenge to ace an interview as long as you have a goal set in mind and you are clear with what you want in life. Wondering how to get the right training, interview preparation tips, and other professional tips? Well, look no further – CareerSkillz gives the right training, career guidance, interview preparation tips, and job tools to help you find the right job based on your skills and interests.

So take a deep long breath, check yourself out in the mirror, and go GRASP the opportunity with both hands, heart, and head!