4 Easy steps to venture into a social media marketing career

Two events have changed the way a business ran its operations entirely. The first one was globalization. The boom of the internet and the availability of creating a presence online motivated all businesses to move towards it. Of course, the internet was phenomenally successful because it is easy to use. However, not everyone was convinced. Let’s go into detail about the social media marketing career option.

social media marketing career

With rapid adaptation to technology, social media emerged as a powerful tool for marketing. Facebook has about 2.4 billion users across the world, what an opportunity for any business to make its presence felt. Instagram and YouTube with 1.9 billion users is another platform popular among the masses. Nike is an excellent example of how the company taps the social media platforms, it has about 93.3 million followers on Instagram, 33.3 million views on Facebook, and 7.95 million followers on Twitter.

The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to additional impact. Now, if a business does not have an online presence, then it may not be operating at all. This means social media marketing career is booming. Fashion retailer Boohoo thrived through the pandemic due to its social media strategy. A great way to create an everlasting impression, isn’t it? The revolutionary changes in the shopping ways and lots of new job openings.

Let’s talk about career opportunities in the Social Media sector, from Feb 2021 to Mar 2021 within one month opportunities in this sector increased 105%.

Who is a social media strategist? What exactly does the job include?

A social media strategist is a person who handles, strategizes, and implements the social media strategies for a company. It involves working with all the other departments, no matter how big or small, to gather data and communicate the desired company image online. The operations will let the social media manager know about the products. The executive staff can provide the direction and vision of the company. The marketing department decides how much of it to portray and how. And finally, sales will dictate the level of engagement required on social media.

How can you start a career in it?

A social media strategist could have a degree or complete diploma courses in social media marketing to start. But that is not compulsory. Anyone can get in this industry equipped with the right knowledge and attitude. You could have a freelance career as a social media manager or join a company to promote their image and sales online. Either way, a passion to communicate the company’s values in creative ways is the first and necessary step to becoming a social media strategist.

Next, building and maintaining knowledge about various social media platforms is essential. New platforms are launched every day. So how does one decide if it is critical to learn about it? Simple! If your customers are there, then you need to be too. Identify a target segment, and the platforms to operate on and traffic will flow in automatically.

The technical knowledge of creating posts, engagement, reporting, and advertisement management is the third step to becoming a social media manager. When you know which platforms are vital for your company, you will have to learn about them thoroughly.

The last step is content creation. Content is king on social media. Who are your potential clients? Where can you find them? What might they like to know? How can you engage them? Answering these questions will build the content you need.

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