All you need to upskill in 2021

Each year comes with new hope and sunshine. With the dark clouds of pandemic still hovering over us, vaccination is a silver lining this year. The lockdown period is uncertain and with routine life kicking in, career growth could be on your mind. Learning something new is the best solution. Are you taking up a new job in 2021 to handle your finances or deciding to change your career, or plan to grow in the current career? All professionals need to plan for upskilling at regular intervals. The economic downturn has forced us to brush our core skills and upgrade our knowledge and practice. 

Upskill with CareerSkillz

The lockdown provided us with ample time to work on their skills, but this year is different. Offices will start, work will resume, and we have our routine life coming back on track to great extent. There is little time left. Here are some ways that will help you in planning upskill.

Determining your goal

The first step is always crucial, if you plan to upskill or reskill, the most important thing is to determine your goals. 

No matter what the condition is outside, all professionals should upskill and reskill. For those looking for new jobs or change in the career, undertaking new skills is a need of the hour. It will make them potentially strong employees. Constantly upgrading the resume, is a sure way to impress employers. It showcases your initiative to gain knowledge and experience. For those who are already content with their jobs and business, anticipating the change in your job profile in the coming years will help them avoid any setbacks. It is critical to determine personal goals for the growth and development of a career. 

Map your course

You are lucky that most of the certified courses are available online, a little research through, and you will find the right course designed for the skills you want to acquire. 

A big concern is about the huge monetary and time investment that you need to put in to acquire the skill. Like any other thing in life, you must sacrifice a little and secure long-term gain. Don’t be surprised if your employers take a keen interest in your upskill course. Many companies provide financial assistance also. Nobody wants to miss out on a hardworking and dedicated employee. 

Some of us might not be lucky in getting financial assistance. Careful research about what is available can help you find something that is well within your budget or have multiple price points. 

 Check out the referrals

It is a smart move to ask someone who has been there and done that before making any decision about upskilling or reskilling. Your colleagues are the best source to provide you with a concrete course strategy. All you need is to connect with them. 

Upskill can be fun

It is not always necessary to upskill only for career growth. It is equally rewarding to learn a new skill for personal satisfaction. So, what if your interest and career option do not match. For instance, you can be a financial advisor with an interest in graphic design. Learning something that interests you is fun with loads of happiness and personal satisfaction. You might never know when these skills may branch into a new career or a side business. 

How CareerSkillz can help you upskill

With the help of CareerSkillz upskilling is made easier than ever. All you have to do is upload your resume and check your skill score for your current job title. CareerSkillz also gives you personalized skills recommendations, you can learn and add skills to your profile. Do not forget to check your skill score, to see how well fitted you are with your current job and what you can do to increase it. This will also help you if you are looking for another career option.

While upskilling it’s always a good idea to check current job openings and check your resume against these. Comparing jobs with current job openings is just a click away with CareerSkillz.

Happy Upskilling.