How to be an even better Interior Designer in 2021

Meet Jennifer, our creative Interior Designer. She is a master of colors, patterns, hue, and style. She can convert any living room into a palace that we all crave for. Looking in the living of Kim Kardashian during the show? Want to have a baby room like that of Khai Hadid Malik? Or thinking of a pictorial reference, interior designing is the weapon of choice. Today each one of us has a dream and wants to make a statement by having a beautiful living space. So, look out for Jen who will help you live your dream.

Interior Designer Skills

Some want to live in the old world, while some want to live in the future. Whether you prefer minimalistic furniture or have soothing green color all around you. Interior designers are here to design everything. The whopping 170% increase in interior designer postings in the last three years. This makes one thing absolute, interior designers are here to please everyone. Everyone is hiring an interior designer for the aesthetic design of their most cherished space. This increase has opened doors for Interior Designing everywhere. Professionals like you hold that space to bring in functional value. Be it Residential or Commercial.

Creative persons like you bring life to their own space, with the given constraints. The internet has overwhelming and inspiring pictures of decorated mansions; that each one of us desires. But there are some more feathers to the cap of our designers. The ever-tightening boundaries of client requirements and the safety norms of the day. The demand for such job profiles is high. They can work or associate with a large firm and there are many career options. Professional growth can be in leaps and bounds.

What skills you need?

Designing skills —A must-have for any interior designer. They must be creative and should be able to use 3D Modeling/Design tools such as Adobe Illustrator. There are three most sought-after skills for Interior Designers. The primary skill remains working knowledge to build codes. The next is to be able to read construction documentations. And the third is to decipher residential design.

Project management — Interior designing requires work handling various projects at the same time. Budgeting is the most crucial element, followed by having retail industry knowledge, procurement, and process design; need fine executions. The jobs need working with skilled labor. Hence, knowledge of labor and time management is especially useful.

Presentation and communication — Presentation skills are key to success in any business. It is vital to complete the basic design and connect it to the client’s requirements. It builds client confidence and helps increase word-of-mouth publicity. Trust is an essential factor that clients need to show in an interior designer. So, communication and positive disposition help in their journey.

How can CareerSkillz help you be a better Interior Designer?

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