How to begin a career as a self-enriching teacher in 2021?

Imagine a child, studying in the fourth grade, academically sound, surrounded by a group of friends. In these times when the schools are online, her life has taken a complete U-turn. With no friends to talk and play with and no physical interaction. Although her mother takes her along for grocery shopping every week, she is pretty much by herself throughout the day. She is most likely just surfing around online. Your self-enrichment teacher can be your guide – helping you walk through this distressful time.

There are many such instances, involving people from all ages of life that need a helping hand. In the real world, the problems are complex and confusing, and you might not have a direct solution. They need to be identified using strategic applications. However, it is not necessary that these skills develop naturally. They need to be taught explicitly and transferred through multiple contexts and settings.

Do like thinking up creative ways to engage kids and adults?

Are you one of those teachers that desires to bring positivity or among those who do not follow traditional institutional learning and not emphasize only on the academic degree for a living? A self-enriching teacher is one who teaches recreational or self-enriching courses for use by the students rather than for an occupation or degree. Since it does not lead to making money from it and is not intended that way, it is something that is very personal to the students. These could be passion projects, learning to do something that they always wanted to, or it could be a course in a creative art form that can be taken up for recreational and rejuvenation purposes. The global COVID-19 pandemic has led to several people being “stuck” and realizing they could do more in the time they have. However, even before the pandemic, the rise in self-enrichment teaching jobs was about 2.5 times its original in the last three years.

What does a self-enriching teacher do?

A self-enriching teacher takes the students through an art form or learning an aspect of it. This can be done personally or as the trend currently goes, virtually. These courses can be imparted individually or in a group, as per the preference of the teacher, students, and platforms involved. Lectures, discussions, and demonstrations are all a part of it.

Skills required by a self-enriching teacher?

Apart from many other skills that teachers need, most need to specialize in problem-solving. They need to have a lesson plan to sow the seeds of organizational skills and a positive attitude. The foremost thing that a self-enrichment teacher would require is building an effective relationship with their students in order to assist them in healthy living. They need to have dimensional knowledge to be able to analyze each situation independently.

Imagine the difference one can make to one’s self, family, and society – both directly and indirectly after having upgraded oneself from a teacher to a self-enriching teacher.

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