Advance to the next step using Career Paths

Creating a profile with CareerSkillz ( is your pathway to a wide variety of personalized AI-based recommendations for your career path. When you register successfully with CareerSkillz, the dashboard gives you the necessary insights about your current role and recommendations about the skills as per the current market trend. Instead of getting comfortable in your current role, it’s always a good idea to think about the next step. That’s where the career paths by CareerSkillz can help you to stand out.

When we are doing our 9-to-5 jobs, we start getting some idea about how our career path will be. Sometimes we talk to our friends, relatives and take guidance from them, but it’s always bios opinion as they are guiding us based on their limited knowledge and experience. We hear in bits and pieces from different friends and colleagues but never get a clear picture of the paths followed by successful people. This is where the career path feature in CareerSkillz excels.

Steps to get your Career Path

To get the best career paths in CareerSkillz, you should add missing skills to your profile based on recommendations to ensure all your skills are accurately captured along with a rating. If you feel your job title is not accurately captured, you can edit your profile and correct it. Once you have completed these steps, you are ready to look at career paths. Click on Career paths on the dashboard screen to start seeing career path options for you.

What CareerSkillz Career Paths tells you?

Our AI algorithm will recommend to you the best career paths followed by 300+ million professionals in various industries. Once you start looking at your career paths, you will notice it’s oriented based on your current job title using the skills you’re added to your profile along with their ratings.

The default view of the career path will show three levels starting from your current job title(or you can search for the job title to start with from the top right). You can always explore the next level by clicking on the forward arrow link.

Marketing Manager Career Path by CareerSkillz

Every job title in the career path will show your score based on your skills added in your profile to get you the feel and your readiness for the job title.

Identify your Skill Gap with Career Path

A career path also helps you to identify your skill gap for any job title. Skill gap, highlight the skills required for this job title and take you to the right place to learn about them online.

Add Target Role to your Profile

While exploring the career paths you may add some of them to your target role to stay focused on your career goal. When you search for a job, always try to focus on a couple of similar job titles and see which option fits you. You can simply save/add a target role while exploring the career paths by clicking the thumbs up button. This will give more insights about the target role like current open positions in your area, top companies hiring in your area, last one year trend of the job title.

We will write more about Skill Gap and Target Roles in next articles. Stay tuned.

Wish you good luck..!!