How to impress your recruiters in 2021? Get your FREE job score before you apply

Did you know that 75% of applicants are disqualified by an automated resume filtering software before a hiring manager reads their resume? Over 92% of enterprise companies use automated resume filtering software, commonly known as the Application Tracking System(ATS). These systems analyze resumes to scan candidates that best match the job description of an open position, and there are high chances of qualified applicants slipping through ATS due to missing skills in the resume.

How to Impress The Robot Recruiter?

Time is changing really fast, the next time when you apply for a job, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based resume filter or scanner is likely to be the first to review your CV.

Based on CareerSkillz’s expertise and industry research, we introduce the Compare Job tool to help candidates to check their job scores before applying to jobs and to help you get noticed. Skills recommended by us are designed to overcome automated resume filtering and increase your likelihood of landing an interview.

Once you registered with CareerSkillz with you resume, you can compare job by the following four ways:

  • By Job Title
  • By Job URL
  • By Job Description
  • From Target Job

Compare Job Title

Sometimes you do not have a job description or job URL and curious about your match score using job title only. Sure you can compare with any job title from 75,000 job titles available with CreerSkillz and get your score based on skills required for the job title based on current market trends.

compare job

Compare Job Description Or Job URL

Before you apply for any job make sure you check the job description and your resume to make sure you are not missing any skills. But as a job seeker, it’s not possible to check every job description manually and there are high chances your resume will miss some skills and ATS will filter out your resume. To avoid this you can use CareerSkillz’s Compare Job tool to get your score before you apply. Simply use the job description or job URL and click compare to get your score. Do not forget to add any missing skills pointed by Compare Job tool back to your resume.

Compare Jobs Before You Apply.

While using CareerSkillz you can set your Target Roles while exploring career paths or job search and gives you more insights along with job openings. You can use Compare Job tool integrated with job listing to get your score. Simply click Compare button next to the job listing.

Apply any Job with confidence and increase your likelihood of landing an interview.

~Team CareerSkillz