Add new skills to your profile with CareerSkillz

If you are in the early stage of your career or if you want to change your career path and move to a different one but are not sure what the new career path will look like or what new skills you will need to add to your profile, CareerSkillz is the best place to get these answers.

CareerSkillz is build based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms required to understand your resume and current market trends. CareerSkillz guides you to choose the right path using the learnings from 300M+ professionals and job market trends.

How to get your current skill score with CareerSkillz

You can simply register with CareerSkillz using your latest resume and valid email address. CareerSkillz will quickly analyze your resume and show what your skill score is based on your current job role. CareerSkillz will extract the skills from your resume/profile and match them against skills required for your role in thousands of job postings to give you personalized insights. So when you log in the first time you get your current skill score along with recommended skills for your current role.

Review your skills

CareerSkillz dashboard also suggests trending skills based on your current role. You can simply click on the ‘+’ sign to add them to your skills list if you already know the skill. Skills recommended for your current roles are highlighted. If a particular skill is in-demand then it’s marked with a fire icon, so you know how many in-demand skills you have in your resume. You can get better recommendations for jobs & courses by providing star ratings for each skill. Also, you can add skills by using the search box on the top right section.

Get the courses for the skills

CareerSkillz is a great platform to find out some of the new and trending available courses to up-skill and stay up to date in the job market. You can simply click on any skill on your CareerSkillz dashboard and get insights of the skills along with the list of courses. If you want to know more about the skill, you can simply click on the read more button to read Wikipedia information. Before learning the skills, make sure you pay attention to the last one-year skill trends from various job postings in your area. The skill trend will help you understand how many job openings there were in the last year asking for a particular skill.

You can click on any course from the provided list to start learning. CareerSkillz has huge catalog of the courses from various online sources, you can choose the best one for you.

Happy Learning with CareerSkillz…!!