How can CareerSkillz help you to achieve your professional goals?

Having a successful career is a key ingredient of a meaningful life and something we all strive for. A successful and fulfilling career move does not happen by accident, it takes a lot of planning and hard work. However, most of the time we are focused on looking for jobs and forget our true objective. To plan your career, one would need to know about multiple paths that are available to us at different points in our life, someone to help us choose the right path each time, and then tell us what it takes to achieve success in that path. That is the foundation on which CareerSkillz is built.

What is career success?

Success might mean different things to different people. For a lot of us, it means going higher in the corporate hierarchy. For others, it might mean being always the first one to learn about technology and teach others. For even others, it might mean having a stable career, a great work-life balance, and being closer to family & friends. CareerSkillz empowers you to achieve success no matter how you define it.

How do we choose our career paths?

For most of us, we start thinking about our future occupations in life when we are in high school between 10th to 12th grade. We get inspired by what our friends are doing, what we see our life heroes doing, what we see our family members did. We talk to them and learn more about them. If their causes resonate with us, we try to follow their path. In many cases, we might be subconsciously attracted to a profession due to past events and feel a certain direction is our destiny. Some of us do choose our career later in life, after trying a few majors in college and seeing what works for us. We talk to career counselors who tell us about options available based on our interests. No matter when we choose our path, one aspect is universal. Once we know the path we want to pursue, we have a spring in our step, we are excited, we are eager to complete our education and start working towards making a difference.

Your friend & guide

During this time when we are choosing our careers, CareerSkillz provides another opinion after learning your aptitude and interests. When you get guidance from your family or friends, their feedback is biased based on their way of seeing the world. They might be giving the best guidance they possibly can, but they might not have complete knowledge on a topic resulting in you not making the best choice. Through CareerSkillz, you can get unbiased advice based on insights we generate using data. Using CareerSkillz, you can explore many more options available to you which you might not have known about if you only go to traditional sources. You learn about more possibilities, ask more questions, in the end converging on something that genuinely interests you.

Early work life

After spending 4-5 years in the corporate world, many of us start feeling that we are not getting anywhere. Even those who feel good about their chosen path, there are different directions we could go into which no one told us about. Our friends & family who guided us earlier do not have detailed knowledge of our current job & industry to help us in a meaningful way. We also find that new skills are coming in the industry which we might not have learned earlier. We look to learn from our colleagues and want to find someone who can guide us in the current situation we are in.

What if there was someone to help us during this time? Someone that can:

  • Help us understand the various paths to achieve success.
  • Help us understand the skills needed to achieve success.
  • Help us understand the best training we can get to upskill ourselves and get the job we want.

Mid-career blues

Let’s say, you have worked hard for 10-15 years and saw some initial successes in your work. However, you are now stuck in a career rut and are unable to get the advancement you believe you deserve. You see others having more success and strive to get an edge over others. You see new grads joining the company with the latest skills that are more in demand.

  • What if someone looked at millions of professional’s career trajectory and told you what has worked for others in similar situations.
  • What if someone told you about the latest skills in the market which allow you to get an edge over others.
  • What if someone told you about the best trainings & courses available to you.

Understand your options with CareerSkillz

CareerSkillz allows you to understand different career paths available to you based on your unique journey till now & your skills. We process data from 300 million professional profiles using artificial intelligence to learn paths others have taken and achieved success in. These insights are then matched with your unique situation to provide personalized paths. You can explore paths in your domain as well as other domains. For a selected role, we combined insights gathered from 100 million job postings over the last 3 years to find skills employers demand now. We match that with skills extracted from your resume or LinkedIn profile to find in-demand skills that you are lacking for a new role that you want to get to. However, just knowing them is not good enough. We tell you the courses you can take to upskill yourself. We look at multiple providers and find the best-rated courses for skill and recommend those. Once the courses are completed, you are skilled in all the requirements for the chosen path. Then you start looking for your dream job. CareerSkillz helps here too. CareerSkillz provides you with targeted jobs based on the roles you selected and your skills. You can match jobs with your profile to see the best matches. By adding new skills, you’ve improved your chances of being selected by ATS and getting your dream job. You can apply with confidence and start the next level in your career.